My name is Murray Rudd and I run Tendrel Images Ltd.

I'm a photographic generalist. I am equally happy shooting remote landscapes or urban scenes, wild animals or introspective people, and vibrant colors or subdued monochromes. 

I use both visible light and infrared cameras, and am always looking for images that make us stop for an instant, helping us to make unexpected connections with other living creatures or with the world in which we are immersed. 

In 2019, with decades of photography experience behind me, I transitioned to professional photography.

For me, this move was in many ways a return to my focus from my 20s, when I ran a hiking tour guiding business on Vancouver Island and faithfully hauled my Olympus OM-2 everywhere, including up the granite walls of Squamish, Yosemite, and the Bugaboos, photographing some of the emerging cohort of climbers who would later become famous. 

In that gap between my 20s and now, I had worked first in the fisheries field in Canada and Southeast Asia, and later as an environmental economics and policy professor at universities in Canada, the USA, the UK and, most recently, Sweden.

Much of my academic research has focused on biodiversity conservation policy and management, and how scientists and policy-makers can cooperate to manage marine and terrestrial ecosystems that are under ever-increasing pressure (my writing is summarized here). 

My environmental career focus certainly shows up clearly in my images. My work over those years also allowed me to travel to many parts of the world, camera always in hand, and spend extended periods of time in places that I would never have seen as a tourist.


Some recent kind words about my work

"I just wanted to say that your work is incredible. I am an aspiring wildlife photographer and your images have inspired me and touched my soul. Sorry for the cheesy message but the truth is the truth." (William, USA, 2020).

"Murray, I admire your adventures and the amazing scenes you capture! I’m captivated by your exquisite gallery! God bless you for sharing your talents and view of the world!" (Virginia, USA, 2020).

"I cannot even express how awed I am with your portfolio! Wow....Total awe!" (Debby, USA, 2020)

"It's [my collection] really an impressive, eclectic, body of work. Thanks for the inspiration to get off my 'behind' and start shooting again." (Gary, USA, 2021)



Tendrel is a Tibetan word that has several layers of meaning. In common use, it translates to English as 'auspicious coincidence' but at a deeper level as 'the dynamics between consciousness and reality.'