Working on the Atlantic Circle Overland Trail

October 05, 2019  •  2 Comments

Just a real quick blog post now to say that I've finished 75% of the Atlantic Circle Overland Trail loop that I've been working on - I'm though Labrador and eastern Quebec. Tonight I'm staying in a hotel, first time for the trip, on the Gulf of St Lawrence shore - tomorrow I'm off for backwoods trails across the Gaspe and am heading for the Mt Carleton area in New Brunswick, where I hope to spend a couple of days before finishing up the last logging roads and rural highways to southern New Brunswick. 

So far it has been great, but a lot of driving (4000 km so far!). I only got turned back once so far, on un-maintained logging roads way up north in Quebec, during a pounding snowstorm. I also got a little bit of extra mapping done with a trip up the Saguenay River valley, getting another piece in place for the entire Canadian Crossing Overland Trail. 

You may notice that I'm not driving my own rig this trip. I knew it was going to be a lot of miles and that the roads would be all rural paved or well-maintained gravel (or so I thought). So I instead rented a 2019 JL for Cdn $40 (US $30) per day with unlimited mileage - I am definitely getting my money's worth! The gas mileage is much better than I get in my re-geared 2015 JK, so renting for this mapping trip was actually much more economical than taking my own Jeep once you factor in the real costs of vehicle wear over 5500+ km. The only downside was that with stock Goodrich all terrain tires and no lift, I was not confident enough to launch into a 100-mile section of rough and deserted logging roads in a stock rental jeep. But it did behave very well with some fun hills and some sand (who knew that Labrador has sand flats?).

More coming in the blog once I get back to Halifax - I will also be hard at work getting the next 3 sections finished to wrap up the guide for the entire ACOT loop. 


Sand flats in Labrador during morning golden hour


In Labrador there's all kinds of interesting forests to photograph - very close to where I took this I saw a huge, happy, and healthy male wolf bounding across a road and into the trees


I found this little campsite off a side road from the Trans-Labrador Highway. I'd only been on the road for an hour, so didn't need a camp. But I did take the opportunity to brew 2 Americano's on the cold (-3 C) and windy morning. 


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Thanks Rose! Quite a few motorcycles do the trip, but I didn't see many on my late-season Labrador circuit. I've talk to riders, though, that have hit cold, wet weather the entire trip and were constantly frozen! Amazing scenery though - I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get to Newfoundland in the summer.
Rose Wark(non-registered)
This sounds like a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing the photos!
I lived in the Maritimes for many years. My partner and I have taken a couple of similar trips but have yet to make it to Labrador and Newfoundland. It might be a little cold on our motorcyle but we are tempted.
I will take some time now to check out your wonderful photographs!
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