Tour and workshop updates - February 23, 2021

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I am currently hopeful that the Covid situation will continue to improve and allow for tours and workshops to re-boot later this year!

Here is the current status on scheduled sessions.

I have an infrared photography workshop scheduled for July 2021 in my home area on the upper Bay of Fundy (this workshop even features home-cooked pancake breakfasts at my home!). Whether it runs or not will depend on how long the current Canadian travel restrictions remain in place. If you are interested in this workshop, please contact me. Currently I would guess that odds of it being available for anyone not a resident of Atlantic Canada are pretty slim. But if you are a resident of Atlantic Canada, I will run this workshop for even if only a single photographer registers. Info is available here:


Next up on the calendar is Kenya in November 2021. I have made some adjustments to my first Rift Valley session and it is now is a little longer than originally planned, and includes a 3-day stay in Samburu. This is an excellent and diverse safari, is relatively economical (10-days, USD $5450 all-inclusive), and a great introduction to African photography providing that big cats are not an absolute must for your safari. We have stays in Samburu (Buffalo Springs National Reserve), Lake Nakuru National Park, and Lake Navaisha. For anyone interested in infrared photography, I will be giving a full 'workshop' on IR in optional afternoon classroom sessions. Among the highlights for this tour are white rhino herds, amazing African fish eagle sessions, and opportunities to photograph some of the rarer species such as the 'Samburu Six.' Here is the link for more info:



The second Kenyan safari is piggy-backed right after the Rift Valley safari (17-days of stellar Kenyan wildlife anyone? I offer a discount when both safaris are booked together), and includes 5-nights in the Masai Mara and 2-nights at Lake Naivasha at luxury lodges. Being more upscale (we also fly from Nairobi to the Mara), it is a little more expensive. If you need to photograph big cats on your African safari, this is the one to come on as the Mara has abundant lions, as well as leopards and cheetahs. Info on this safari is here:


Just before the grab, eyes forward and maximum focus by this African fish eagle at Lake Naivasha, Kenya


I have just completed uploading the January and February Bay of Fundy bald eagle tours and workshops. I decided, for 2022, to go with a combination of two small-group (3 photographer max) tours and two slightly larger eagle-oriented workshops. One of each is scheduled for January and February (and I will also add one more mid-March, late-winter short tour that includes two mornings with the eagles). Booking for these trips is now open:

This is the link for the first of the four:
2022 Snow Eagle Tour 1, 13-18 January 20222022 Snow Eagle Tour 1, 13-18 January 2022


Other 2022 tours and safaris will be online soon, including:

  • Masai Mara in May 2022 (same itinerary as the November safari);
  • Wild Newfoundland in June 2022 (slightly revamped with a heavier emphasis on coastal photography and less on terrestrial big game);
  • Bay of Fundy infrared photography workshop in July 2022 (breakfasts at my house!);
  • Taku Wilderness grizzly bears in August 2022; and
  • Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain, Yukon (online now - see the schedule link above);
  • Autumn Kenya safaris (Rift Valley / Masai Mara again - same itineraries as the 2021 trips). 

I have slots booked for Bear Cave Mt for 2022 to 2025, so if you are interested in grizzly bear photography in one of the most remote and unique wildlife photo safaris on the planet, send me a message to express your interest. There are only 3 slots per year available for guests (I get the 4th slot) - my 2024 and 2025 slots are late-October, so bears will be fully in 'ice bear' mode by that time. Info on Bear Cave Mt for 2022 is here (and the itinerary will be the same each year after):


Last on the agenda - I have a relatively open autumn coming up. I have been thinking about doing a photography-oriented repeat of the full Atlantic Circle Overland Trail (25-days of backroads through Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, eastern Quebec, and New Brunswick) in September. If anyone is interested in joining, send me a message. There are two options (providing Covid travel restrictions are eased by that time): for a single person (or maybe two), to travel with me in my overland Jeep; or for 1-4 family members or friends to travel together in a rental Jeep. Here are some of the images from my last circuit in 2019:


That's the tour update for now - let me know if you have any questions!


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