Tour update - bookings, Covid, plans for 2022 and beyond

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Changes in booking procedures

I have made some changes to the booking procedure for all tours.

Instead of paying a reservation fee online, I am now going to take only 'expressions of interest' with my online order system. When you go through the 'order' procedure, I collect some basic information about you, which trip(s) you are interested in, and whether you have specific questions. After you submit, I will get back to you with information about how to send a deposit and reserve a spot for your trip.

I am not posting my phone number on this page, but when you express your interest regarding a trip, my phone number is on the order form - if you want to set up a Zoom call, you can send me a text and I will set it up.  You can also just email me to set up a call too. 


2021 departures

I have left the July Bay of Fundy infrared workshop on the schedule for now but think it is very much a longshot that Atlantic Canada travel restrictions will be lifted until well into the summer. A final call will be made on this workshop in early-June. I will offer this again in July 2022 for anyone who was interested but unable to travel this year. 

For anyone currently booked for the IR workshop, if we do need to cancel, I will work with you individually to set up an alternative time in the autumn for a private workshop (same prices as the scheduled workshop), should travel restrictions be relaxed enough you are able to enter Nova Scotia.

The emergence of the South African Covid variant is now an increasing concern for November 2021 Kenya Rift Valley/Samburu and luxury Masai Mara/Naivasha departures. I just saw earlier today results from an African-wide survey of safari tour operators that across the continent there has been another "significant trend of decline in new bookings and large-scale cancellations of existing bookings." It sounds like many people have been willing to defer rather than cancel trips, but another lost season will be devastating for the African lodges and the whole industry and villages that depend on safari income.

I'm personally scheduled for my second Astra-Zeneca shot on August 12th, so will personally be watching very carefully for information from additional field trials to see how that vaccine performs with regard to the South African variant. 


2022 departures (check the overall schedule for links)

Early in 2022, I have four 'snow eagle' trips running, two small-group departures that will be very mobile, looking for winter owl photography opportunities in addition to the bald eagle action at Sheffield Mills. I will also be running two action-oriented bald eagle workshops, where we combine morning winter shoots with afternoons mainly focused on image processing. 

I will be adding three short (5-day) coastal Nova Scotia tours in June 2022, each visiting different parts of the province. They will be available to book individually or as a 2+ week combination that visits well-known and secret photo locations around the province. Send me a note if you might be interested. These should be online in early-May.

I have Kenya safaris  scheduled for both spring and autumn, a new Taku Wilderness grizzly bear safari in early-August in the farthest reaches of northwest British Columbia, and a 1-week grizzly bear safari to Bear Cave Mountain in the northern Yukon, departing in late-September.     


2023 and beyond

For the most part, my 2022 line-up will hold as it is for 2023.

However, there is one very cool option coming up for Bear Cave Mountain in autumn 2023. I now have back-to-back reserved slots, so will be posting information very shortly on an amazing 2-week grizzly bear photo safari. There will three guest slots available in total, so get hold of me as soon as possible if you are interested. I will only be able to hold the early-week until this autumn, at which time availability will drop back to only a single week option. 

I've been in close contact with the Bear Cave Mountain operators and have dates now settled for tours through 2026!

Full information will be online soon but other Bear Cave Mountain highlights out in the future include:

  • an opportunity for a 1-week unguided week in 2024 (photo guide, still with local bear guides - an unguided week opens up possibilities for a group of 4 experienced photographers to book together) (and I have one space available still for my guided mid-October slot)
  • the final slot of the autumn season in 2025 (peak 'ice bear' potential) and
  • back-to-back reservations for the last two slots of the 2026 season, which will also be for a 2-week visit to Bear Cave during prime cold weather conditions from late-October to early-November, 2026!

If you are interested in any of these, get hold of me as soon as you can - I know that these trips are a long way out, but these are prime time slots for one of the world's greatest photography experiences! 

Queen of the NorthQueen of the NorthA female grizzly on the bank of the Fishing Branch River, just south of the Arctic Circle, Yukon Territory, 23 October 2018.



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