Another tour update, 07 May 2021

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I have a few updates on various tours and workshops, with some good news and some bad news.

Nova Scotia infrared workshop, July 2021

Let's start with the bad news - I threw in the towel today on the early-July 2021 infrared photography workshop in my home area of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, we have fared extremely well during the pandemic. Due to increasing infection numbers and a new lock-down, however, there is no chance that out-of-province travelers will be allowed into the province by early-July, so I have cancelled the scheduled workshop.

On the good news side, our provincial vaccine rollout is now in full swing (I got my first jab a few days ago) and it looks as if we will be to a level of vaccination coverage by August that could well lead to a relaxation of quarantine requirements for incoming visitors from out of province. 

What I will do is offer the infrared workshop on an individual or small-group basis if and when travel restrictions relax. I will hold the price to the same as for the workshop, it will be of the same duration, and we will visit the same locations. I will even make sure you get blueberry pancakes at my house prior to our morning departure!


Send me an email to discuss tentative dates if you are interested! Once clarifications regarding provincial travel policies are available, we will be in a position to proceed with hotel and travel booking.

Deep in the Fundy fog forest 01 - infraredDeep in the Fundy fog forest 01 - infraredAbout this image

Deep in the Bay of Fundy fog forest, this path runs to some coastal vistas in Chignecto Provincial Park, Nova Scotia. This infrared monochrome image was shot on a September day on which I had the area entirely to myself.

Infrared photography workshops in Nova Scotia

I offer 4-day infrared photography workshops in Nova Scotia in the summer. This photo, about an hour drive from where I live, is from one of the locations we will visit on my Parrsboro-based workshop. Tour info is available at:

Image information

This image was shot with a 24-mm focal length lens at f/7.1, a 1/100 second exposure, and with the camera at 640 ISO. As with all my photos and digital art, it was processed in Photoshop; I did the monochrome conversion with Silver Efex Pro. This image has a 2x3 aspect ratio and is best-suited for printing on rag (matte) paper or stretched canvas finishes.

Museum-quality signed prints

I can print and sign museum-quality prints of this image to ship to your home or office directly from my Nova Scotia studio. These giclée prints use durable (many decades) pigment inks and museum-quality fine art papers; for prints of this image, I recommend Canson Rag Photographique or Moab Somerset Museum Rag paper. Prints ship rolled in a tube and can then be framed by your local frame shop. Order museum-quality fine art prints of this image at:

Order wall art from Fine Art America (FAA)

Print-on-demand at FAA is a convenient way to order decorative home or office wall art. Wall art can be printed using unframed or framed fine art paper, or metallic, acrylic, and stretched canvas finishes at:

For unframed or framed prints at FAA, I would recommend using their archival matte or Picture Rag paper. This image can be printed up to 60" on the long edge at FAA.


Kenya safaris, Nov 2021

At the moment, my working assumption is that both Kenya tours in November will be a go. Kenya has fared relatively well during the pandemic. Given European countries should be open for travel for vaccinated individuals, North Americans should be able to do the trip to Kenya with a stop-over in one of the European hubs, splitting up that very long trip.

If you are hesitant about travel as early as November 2021, I am offering both safaris again in May 2022 and November 2022. The links are here: May 2022 Samburu/Nakuru/NavaishaMay 2022 Masai Mara/NavaishaNov 2022 Samburu/Nakuru/Navaisha; and Nov 2022 Masai Mara/Navaisha.

All these Kenyan tours are now available for booking. I will also be adding 2023 safaris to the schedule shortly: they will follow the same pattern as 2022.

I am also allowing myself 2-weeks buffer time on both sides of the scheduled Kenyan safaris for private small-group safaris - please contact me directly if you are interested in having me set up a safari to meet your photographic needs.

In the first of the two November 2021 safaris, to Samburu National Reserve and Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha in the Rift Valley, I will be offering a series of optional infrared photography sessions in the afternoon. This tour is a great one for both getting to learn IR photography and for getting a very diverse set of Kenyan locations. Highlights of this tour will include the dry, arid savannah of Samburu (hopefully with some of its big cats and maybe even some wild dogs), the white rhino herd at Nakuru (below), and the amazing African fish eagle action at Lake Naivasha. 

Morning formationMorning formationAbout this image

White rhinos wake at dawn and go into a defensive formation first thing in the morning. This monocrhome image was taken at Lake Nakuru, Kenya in May, 2016. Due to rampant poaching, this herd has a round-the-clock armed guard. Lake Nakuru National Park, the oldest in Kenya, has a rich variety of wildlife but it also has a large human population nearby in the Rift Valley.

Lake Nakuru is a large, shallow lake in Kenya's Great Rift Valley and the oldest national park in Kenya. It has rhinos, big cats, a variety of other wildlife, and an abundance of bird life. The nearby town of Nakuru continues to spread but the park is in a crater, so once inside the park gates, it really is another world.

My tours to Lake Nakuru

Each year I lead an infrared photography workshop in the Rift Valley of Kenya. During that workshop - which is also suitable for bird photographers - we stay at Naivasha Crescent Camp for three nights and at Lake Nakuru lodge for two nights. Due to Covid, the next scheduled departure for both workshop and tour is November 2021. See tour information at my website:

Image processing and printing information

The photo was shot at 300mm and 1/125th second. It was processed in Photoshop, converted to monochrome in Silver Efex Pro, and is equally well-suited for matte, semi-gloss or glossy paper, or on canvas, acrylic, or metal. The image has a 1x3 aspect ratio, and can be printed at between 6x18" and 12x36” sizes.

Order prints now via Fine Art America

Fine Art America (FAA) print-on-demand is well-suited for general home decor or office decor use. Wall art products available include standard (fine art paper), metallic, acrylic, and canvas prints. Metallic and acrylic print options work best if you are looking for vivid color in images that serve as a strong focal point in your home or office. Canvas is an economical option and this image is available at special sale prices (see bel


The second safari to the Masai Mara starts the morning after the Samburu/Rift Valley safari ends, so it is possible to do both. We fly to the Mara to get a quick safari start and spend the next 5-days photographing the amazing East African grassland environment and wildlife. After we wrap up in the Mara, we drive to Lake Naivasha for some African fish eagle action, hippos, and hiking with the kinder, gentler wildlife (in the Mara, we cannot go hiking because of the big cats). 

Dawn in the Mara 02Dawn in the Mara 02About this image

In this vertical image, sunrise light starts to color up the grasslands of the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. An Acacia tree is silhouetted by the dawn light and other trees are barely visible on the horizon.

My tours to the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve is in eastern Kenya, bordering the Serengeti national park across the border in Tanzania. The East African grasslands and rivers of 'the Mara' are home to diverse wildlife, birds, and reptiles. I personally prefer visiting the Mara in the rainy seasons when there are few tourists, lots of baby animals, and some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen.

I lead luxury safaris to the Masai Mara each May and November. We first fly from Nairobi to the Mara and spend the first five nights at the luxurious Ashnil Mara camp in the very heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve. We then drive to Lake Naivasha for two nights at Naivasha Sopa Lodge, where we enjoy some of the best bird photography anywhere. See tour information at my website:

Image information

The photo was shot at 200-mm focal length and f/4, at 1/250 second shutter speed, and with the camera at 1000 ISO. As with all my photos and digital art, it was processed in Photoshop. This 4x5 aspect ratio image is equally well-suited for printing on matte, semi-gloss or glossy paper, or on canvas, acrylic, or metal.

Museum-quality signed prints

I can print and sign museum-quality prints of this image to ship to your home or office directly from my Nova Scotia studio. These giclée prints use durable (many decades) pigment inks and museum-quality fine art papers; for prints of this image, I recommend Canson Baryta Photographique or Moab Photogloss Premium paper. Prints ship rolled in a tube and can then be framed by your local frame shop. Order museum-quality fine art prints of this image at:

Order wal


Grizzly bear tour updates

We've had some reshuffling of dates for the 2022 Taku Wilderness grizzly bear safari. Unfortunately for the camp operator, the 2021 summer season appears to have been lost with ongoing travel restrictions. I had the second slot of the 4-week Taku season for 2022 but worked with the local operator to reshuffle so that they could move 2021 bookings forward to 2022 and not lose them to cancellations. The upside for me for 2022 Taku, is that we I now have the first slot of the season and the camp operator has kindly offered a full extra day at camp in appreciation for the re-shuffle. That means a full bonus day in the Taku Wilderness for anyone on this trip!

My 2023 Taku dates are for early-August, the second slot of the season (online shortly).


On the Bear Cave Mountain front, there is some exciting news!

I have been working closely with the camp operator and have a few special treats available!

First, in 2013 I now have a double slot that gives 15-days of wilderness grizzly bear photography during a single safari! Only 7 groups of 4 photographers get access to Bear Cave Mountain each year, so this is pretty amazing to get two slots back to back. If you are interested, get hold of me as soon as possible; this will be the only opportunity for a double shot at Bear Cave Mountain until 2026.

Bear Cave Mountain safari information for 2024 to 2026 will also be online shortly.

For 2014 I also have a double booking but the mid-October departure already has photographers booked, so I am offering the first departure as a photographically unguided tour available for 4 experienced photographers. You will have the local guides for safety and camp cooking on this safari, but I will not accompany as a photography guide (I will meet you in Whitehorse, accompany you to Dawson, and see you off in the helicopter bound for Bear Cave Mt). This is a likely a one-time opportunity for two couples or a group of 4 friends to book together. Because camp and chopper capacity is 4 at maximum, when I am on the tour there is a limit of 3 photographers as guests. 

I currently have a space available for one additional photographer in the second session of 2014. This mid-October slot will be the first that is getting into the colder weather, so there will be very good odds of seeing "ice bears' on this safari. With only a single place left, get hold of me quickly is you are interested in securing this last spot.  

In 2025 I have only a single departure booked but it is the coveted final slot of the season. This safari has a late-October start. We don't have a lot of daylight at this time of year, but this is the time when we have the potential to see temperature plunge to -20 to -30 C and get the types of photos of full-on ice bears that made this location famous

Even better, in 2026 I have the final two slots of the season! That means there will be an absolutely unique opportunity for 3 photographers to have 15 days of full-on ice bear photography in the prime slots of the season.


Grizzly bear fishing technique series - monochrome 04 of 05Grizzly bear fishing technique series - monochrome 04 of 05The third image in the series shows the bear in mid-charge when she realizes that she does not need to go all the way to her favorite spot because a salmon she is interested in has come near to shore just underneath her. Here, she is just in the process of changing direction from here path towards the river.


Other developments

Bay of Fundy snow eagle tours and workshops are now online for 2022 and open for booking. We had short-eared owls overwinter just 15-km down the road from the Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch in the winter of 2021, so the owl photography was just as good as the eagles. My fingers will be crossed they return here to over-winter again next winter.

I plan on adding a series of shorter Nova Scotia coastal village and seascape tours in June 2022. They should be online and available for booking by June 2021. Leave me a comment on this blog or contact me if you would like to be kept up-to-date on the summer tours. 




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