I am now on Foundation!

August 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I managed to this week score an invite to join Foundation (thanks so much to @lordthebeard!).

That means I am going to be transitioning some of my images so that they are only available as single edition (1/1) NFTs on my Foundation page: https://foundation.app/@tendrelimages

Each image sold as a jpg NFT at Foundation will also include, should the purchaser wish, a museum-quality print that I sign and ship from my Nova Scotia studio. 

Even though I do mainly nature photography, I've decided to go with my chess collection as the first NFTs. The genesis drop should be ready to go online at Foundation in about a week. I will probably go with this image as the genesis piece as it is one of my very fav images.

The unhappy white king monochrome. Macro, monochrome photography of chess figuresThe unhappy white king monochrome

And here's some additional major alpha! 

I plan on de-commercializing my photo tours & structuring them much more like a Meet-Up, where each photographer just takes care of their own costs of the trip. Because I can package up trips at pretty good prices from wholesalers or lodge operators, that means prices for some fun shoots will be the most cost-effective possible. 

Personally, I mainly want to shoot in cool places and meet some like-minded photographers (rather than making money as a commercial operator), so I thought this change might be a fun way to go rather than simply transition back to the client side of the photo tour business. 

Now with the advent of NFTs, it is possible to use them to give special perks for purchasers. Some of my wildlife images posted as NFTs at Foundation will include special invites to join my shoot! That is, if you buy one of these special NFTs, you also get an invite to a Masai Mara or Yukon grizzly bear shoot at shared wholesale price!! 

Keep an eye on my site for autumn updates or contact me if you want me to put you on an email list. Later I will set up a Telegram or Discord group. 


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